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“Have Fun Like a Pro!” – VIDI VICI Creative Director, Lee Kyung Min

With more than 27 years of professional experience as a makeup artist, Lee Kyung Min developed a keen sense of color and texture. She applied this knowledge to the VIDI VICI collection, making it the best line of makeup available to Asian women on the market today. And now she focuses her time on trying to make the best line of makeup for woman all around the world. Its products are both top-quality and innovative…never failing to satisfy the needs of customers. VIDI VICI provides a wide range of multi-purpose items that facilitate easy and convenient application without compromising on the professional quality of your makeup look. If you are reluctant to use makeup because you think it’s difficult and complicated, it’s time to try VIDI VICI. Our cosmetics are easy enough for anyone to use and apply. Indulge yourself in a world of beautiful colors and textures…and discover your new inner self.